Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogs of Interest...

From time to time I draw reader's attention to other blogs of note - particularly if they are concerned with Dominican vocations. So, an update for this purpose is long overdue. Here are three blogs that have been catching my attention recently:

(1) I mentioned this blog before, but it is so worthwhile highlighting again. It is the blog of a brother Dominican (Philip Powell OP) from the USA and living in Rome. The blog is lighthearted and serious in almost equal measure and has excellent advice from time to time on vocations, vocational discernment and Dominican life. It really is one of the best blogs around. I am adding it to my list - see bar on the right hand side. You can see Fr Philip's blog here.

(2) Another blog of a Dominican friar - this time of the Western Dominican Province in the United States. Brother Robert blogs on the secular world and the secular vocation of lay Catholics. It is very good and can be located here.

(3) Not quite a blog, but blog-like is the website of the Director of Vocations of the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph in the US. It is excellent and you can visit it here.
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