Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogs worth following.....

It's great to see so many religious communities and commentators blogging these days. It's another way of reaching out to others, as well as an educational tool. And many use the blogosphere to preach and promote vocations as well. So, with that in mind I'd like to bring to your attention four blogs that I have begun to follow recently, and would encourage you to do so as well. I have added them to my blog list on the right hand side of this page for easy access.

 Image from Capuchin vocations blog
Firstly, the Irish Capuchin Franciscans have a vocations blog, which is very well presented and managed by Br Martin Bennett. As you might expect, it gives news and views on all things vocational with the Capuchins. I wish Martin and the team well with this blogging endeavour in promoting the Capuchin vocation and charism.

 Image from Dominican history blog...with a contemporary photo!
Secondly, a Dominican blog, this time with a historical interest. It is the blog of fr Stephen Ryan OP and the blog is concerned with  the history of the Order of Preachers (Ordo Praedicatorum) given to Dominican friars by Fr. John Frederick Hinnebusch, O.P. of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, USA. It has many posts relating to St. Dominic, the Dominicans, and the Catholic Church. It is an excellent resource on Dominican history and I would strongly recommend it for those with an interest in our Order.

 Elmira Dominican nuns
Thirdly, the blog of the Elmira Dominican contemplative nuns based in New York - it is full of life, colour, news and commentary on all matters Dominican, with a strong emphasis on their vocation to the cloistered contemplative life. Well worth a read.

 Sacred Space 102fm on West Limerick 102fm
Finally, a blog associated with a weekly religious radio programme called 'Sacred Space 102fm' on an Irish local radio station West Limerick 102fm. This blog gives excellent analysis on religion, faith, spititulaity. It is updated regularly and one of the best around. Please take a look.


Anonymous said...

Father, this is forum, not a blog, but thought it might be of interest (if it hasn't already come to your attention):


Gerard Dunne OP said...

Thanks Shane. I am aware of the forum.