Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy as Dominican nuns in Drogheda give habit to new novice

 Left to right: Sr. Mairead OP (novice mistress), Sr Teresa OP, Sr Mary Cathy and Sr Breda (prioress)
The call to the Dominican way of life takes many forms. The Dominican family is made up of four parts - the apostolic sisters, the Dominican laity, the friars and finally the nuns (contemplative). There is one monastery of contemplative Dominican nuns in Ireland - based in Drogheda at the Monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena. It is more popularly known as Siena Monastery.

Yesterday was a very important day for that community as it clothed in the habit of the Order, Sr Mary Cathy Howard. Sr Cathy has spent a period of time as a postulant in the community, and has now received the habit of the Order. During the novitiate, she will continue to discern her vocation with this contemplative community. As Sr Breda, prioress of Siena monastery reminded Sr Cathy yesterday during the clothing ceremony as she offered herself to the community " ...we can trust the One into Whose Hands we entrust ourselves, with all that we are and have – He will not test us beyond our strength but will give us grace and strength in time of need..." This act of receiving the habit by Sr Mary Cathy is a very important moment for our Dominican sisters in Drogheda, and we pray that they will continue to receive vocations into the future.

Irish Dominican Vocations wishes Sr Cathy every blessing as she takes this new step in her Dominican life. For a more full account of this event, please see the blog of the Dominican nuns at Drogheda

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