Sunday, September 15, 2013

First professions for Irish Dominicans

Four of our brothers who have completed their novitiate made first profession in Saint Mary's Dominican priory church in Pope's Quay, Cork today (September 15th, 2013). The brothers Matthew Farrell, Philip Mulryne, Jesse Maingot and Michael (Ronan) O Dubhghaill joined the novitiate last year and are now taking their first steps as professed Dominicans.

It is a day of great joy for the Irish Dominicans as these men take this important step in their lives and rounds off a happy weekend for the Irish Dominican province. These brothers will soon move on to our studentate in Saint Saviour's Dublin to begin their studies in philosophy and theology.

Fr Gregory Carroll OP (prior provincial) presided at the profession ceremony during the 11.00 am conventual Mass and in his homily reminded the newly professed brothers of their task of becoming preachers depended on their life of prayer, study and living in community. As always, you are asked to keep these brothers of ours in your prayers.

Below are some of the images from the profession ceremony today:
The four brothers lie prostrate seeking God's mercy and that of the Order prior to making profession.
The prior provincial fr Gregory preaches the homily during the rite of profession

Bro Matthew Farrell makes profession
The provincial fr Gregory Caroll OP receives the first profession of Bro Philip Mulryne
Bro Jesse Maingot recites the formula of profession in the hands of the prior provincial
Bro Michael Ronan O Dubhghaill makes profession

The scapulars of the newly professed brothers are blessed.
The offertory procession
The Saint Mary's choir in full voice!
Left to right: Bro Philip Mulryne OP, Bro Matthew Farrell OP, fr Gregory Carroll OP (provincial), Bro Jesse Maingot OP and Bro Michael Ronan O' Dubhghaill OP
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