Saturday, September 14, 2013

Irish Dominican friars receive new novices

New novices Greg Daly and Neil Fox
The Irish Dominican friars received two new novices today (September 14th, 2013 - feast of the Exaltation of the Cross) during the celebration of the community mass in Saint Mary's Dominican church, Pope's Quay, Cork.
Greg Daly and Neil Fox, both from Dublin, were clothed in the habit of the Order during the celebration by the prior provincial of the Irish Dominican friars - fr Gregory Carroll OP. Both new novices now begin their year long novitiate in Cork as they continue to discern their vocations as Dominican friars. The novices were joined by many brethren of the Irish province along with members of their families and the local community who attend Saint Mary's church.
The reception of new novices is a moment of great joy and hope - not just to the Irish Dominican province, but to the Irish church. We continue to ask you to pray for these men and for vocations to our province.
Below are some images from the celebration today:
The novices to be lie prostrate before the prior provincial seeking the mercy of God and of the Order
The homily is preached by fr Gregory Carroll OP - prior provincial
Greg Daly is clothed in the habit of the Order by the prior provincial
Neil Fox receives the Dominican habit
The rosary which forms part of the habit which the new novices will wear are blessed by the prior provincial
Bro Greg Daly, fr Stephen Hutchinson OP (novice master) and Bro Neil Fox after the ceremony

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